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Book Drop: Arrian's Lion

After six years of writing, rewriting, editing, tearing up my draft and starting over (twice), and riding the wave of self-publishing, I am proud to announce that Arrian's Lion hit the press yesterday, 2/14/21!

It has been a long journey, and with the demands of self-publishing, it is far from over. Yet, knowing that my story... a story of truths that I needed to share... is available for the world to read makes the hassle and stress worth it. All of the frustrated computer slams, late night writing binges, and 50+ rejections letter became motivators, not obstacles. My dream of publishing a book was not crushed, and my path to achieving this success is valid. To all of my fellow writers out there, keep going.

I am eager to here my readers' questions, critiques, and reviews. The best part about being a published author is that I am no longer alone in my creation: my characters and their world can now live in the minds of others.

Stay healthy, and don't forget to find Arrian's Lion at Arrian's Lion by A.J. Cullen, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (!



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